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Authors, you publish your ebook for sale and but it doesn’t penetrate to readers. You give away your ebooks for free. You spend thousands on advertising just to get your ebook seen. But you still can’t get enough readers to discover you and your book.

With Inara, you get paid as the reader discovers you and your ebook and you keep on writing. Anyone can start reading your books without buying them upfront or subscribing to a service that may not have all your books—and you still get paid for every page read.

Readers, you have to buy a book or subscribe to ebook services just to find out if a book is right for you—losing money and wasting your time.

Now there’s Inara. Turn the ebook page and a tiny payment goes from the reader’s digital wallet to the author’s wallet. When the page turns, the author earns. Readers, you easily discover the ebooks you most want to read. You only pay for what you read, one page at a time.

Open an ebook in the Inara e-reader, turn the ebook page, and a micropayment goes from the reader’s digital wallet to the author’s digital wallet in real time. The reader only pays once for each page they read and can go back time and again.

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