Don't Touch
✫ GET STARTED with DONT' TOUCH! 👉🏻 FREE $5 in your Dropp digital wallet! Press JOIN INARA on this screen/MENU and set up your account NOW ***** You may remember Grace Corday … or, as she was known on TV, Amazing Grace. She’s the psychic who can divine your secrets by holding an object belonging to you in her hand. Millions of reality-TV fans bought her act—until she inserted herself into a missing-person case with disastrous results. The last thing Grace needs is another public humiliation. But when the mother of a missing girl in Arizona begs for help, she can’t say no. Rescuing sixteen-year-old Riley Kendrick is Grace’s shot at redemption, a chance to prove she’s not the fraud everyone says she is. Unless, of course, she’s been lying to herself all along ...
  • FICTION / Crime
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Arizona, psychic, police, desert, reality TV, ESP, unreliable narrator, Gone Girl, celebrity, plot twist,