One Photo Too Many
Colten couldn’t catch a break. He needed out. His government benefactor promised a last job. Take some photos in the Everglades. One and done. Except the subject is a live sea creature. And it's talking to Colten. It needs to get back to its family. It needs to be free. Caught between a billionaire wanting the creature to hunt for oil and a military team intent on weaponizing it, Colten has to decide whether to stick to the job or help the creature escape. Having a marine biologist on his side helps. But then there's that mysterious voice claiming to know Colten's past, and vowing revenge. For what? Hell, Colten isn't even his real name.
  • FICTION / Science Fiction / General
  • FICTION / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
creature, ocean, necropsy, mental telepathy, mind reading, endangered