Vicious Cycle
In its heyday, Tombstone, Arizona was “The Town too Tough to Die.” Now it’s scrabbling to survive—a wide spot in the road. Today’s Wyatt Earps, Doc Hollidays and Big Nose Kates plying the tourist trade on Allen Street are less likely to get into range wars, as they are preoccupied with mortgages, car payments, and the odd bum knee. Tombstone is home to Maggie O’Neil, intrepid probation officer, whose lover took off for Nashville to make his fortune, and Maggie has renewed her on-and-off-again relationship with Dutch Earnhardt, a Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputy. Maggie hosts the Sunlight Breakfast women’s cycling team at her house in Tombstone, a team competing in the prestigious bicycle stage race, La Vuelta de Bisbee. One cyclist on the team, Kat Dugan, is apparently being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. On a La Vuelta de Bisbee road race stage, Kat is shot at by a sniper who escapes capture. Maggie’s problematic probationer, Carmen Delaney, has suspicious connections to Kat’s ex-boyfriend who runs a shady auto body shop and auto lease operation. Maggie discovers his body, a victim of a homicide, and Carmen absconds. A series of murders Dutch is investigating on the Mexican border may be drug hits, but when more people connected to Carmen are found dead or disappear, Maggie and Dutch plunge into the depths of a deadly conspiracy.
  • FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy
  • FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
bicycle racing, insurance fraud, American West, Bisbee, Arizona