The Shroud Key: A Chase Baker Thriller 👉🏻 FREE $5 in Dropp wallet
✫ GET STARTED with THE SHROUD KEY: A CHASE BAKER THRILLER! 👉🏻 FREE $5 in your Dropp digital wallet! Press JOIN INARA on this screen/MENU and set up your account NOW ***** CHASE BAKER IS ON THE HUNT FOR THE GREATEST RELIC IN HISTORY!New York Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller Award winning author Vincent Zandri takes you into the world of of acclaimed Suspense Magazine Award winning Chase Baker action/adventure series, starting with the pilot novel, THE SHROUD KEY.Chase Baker is a true Renaissance Man. He’s also a man who knows how to find trouble. A part-time resident of Florence, Italy and New York City, his resume reads like a modern day Da Vinci or Casanova. Writer, treasure hunter, adventurer, and even archaeological sandhog, Chase is also lucky and more often unlucky in love. Now, at the direct request of the Florence police, he finds himself on the trail of an archaeologist by the name of Dr. Andre Manion who’s gone missing from his teaching post at the American University.But having worked for the archaeologist several years ago as a sandhog on a secret but failed dig just outside the Great Pyramids in the Giza Plateau, Chase smells a renewed opportunity to uncover what, for some, just might be the most prized archaeological treasure in the world: The mortal remains of Jesus.But then, do the remains truly exist? How will Chase Baker go about solving the mystery of finding both the archaeologist and the alleged Jesus Remains? With the help of Manion’s beautiful ex-wife, Chase will manage to secure an up-close and personal examination of the Shroud of Turin, not only to view the famous image of the crucified Christ, but to unlock the relic’s greatest secret which is none other than a map, or a key, detailing the precise location of Jesus’s body. It's a mission that will test Chase's faith in both himself and God.A romantic, action-packed, and thrilling conspiracy mystery. Fans of Clive Cussler, Dan Brown books like the Da Vinci Code, and JR Rain, will love the first installment of the Chase Baker Series from NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Thriller Award winning, bestselling author, Vincent Zandri. Don't wait another minute.Get the the thrilling debut to the bestselling Chase Baker action/romantic adventure series today!The get all the thrilling Chase Baker novels:--Chase Baker and the Golden Condor--Chase Baker and the God Boy--Chase Baker and the Lincoln Curse--Chase Baker and the Dutch Diamonds--Chase Baker and the Di Vinci Divinity--Chase Baker and the Spear of Destiny--Chase Baker and the Ark of GodPlus...--Chase Baker and the Viking's Secret (with Ben Sobieck)--Chase Baker and the Apocalypse Bomb (with Ben Sobieck)--Chase Baker and the Humanzees from Hell (with Ben Sobieck)What the critics are saying::"If you put Zandri and Dan Brown in a dark Cairo back alley, I'd put money on Zandri. He went to Cairo in the middle of the Arab Spring (against the explicit wishes of the U.S. State Department), gathered materials for the book while Tahrir Square rioted ... The Shroud Key is page-turning fun for popcorn munchers." --Ben Sobieck, CrimeFictionBook Blog"Zandri has brought back that wonderful ‘quest’ story ... THE SHROUD KEY is well worth every minute." --SUSPENSE MAGAZINE
‎ 978-0615972145
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