The Shadow Children
Save the children. This is her motivation, mantra, and endgame. Within the tunnels of the historic port city of Savannah, fourteen-year-old Andi Leland has her mind set on freedom—not just for herself but for all the other teens who have come before her. But it is not to be … As Andi’s dragged into the hellhole that would have them all sold to the highest bidder, she hears the strangled cries of a fellow captive echoing from the room below. When the silence comes, she knows she will never see that girl again. And she wonders … Who will save them now? The Shadow Children is the second book in the Sloane and Maddie: Peril Awaits series, written by New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw and longtime editor Janet Fix. Replete with intrigue, action, and plenty of surprises, this book will have you flipping the pages until the very end. Grab your copy today and get swept up in a twisty tale of secrets and lies that will have you up reading all night. Reader Reviews about this Series: “Prepared to have your heart strings tugged just a bit.” “Great new spin-off.” “Can't wait to read more!” “The collaboration between these two authors is just brilliant!” “What a great pair of characters to follow.” “Looking forward to reading more of Sloane and Maddie adventures!”
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